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Panel Building

Our talented staff has extensive experience in providing in-house or on-site panel building and programming for a variety of industries, environmental conditions, and safety requirements. Whatever your panel requirements, our team of Electrical and Electronic Specialists can design and manufacture panel system to meet your specifications. 

Clever simple design is paramount to a highly effective panel system. We will ensure that the layout is carefully planned with all due consideration for future expansion possibilities and maintenance. Detailed labeling and cross-referencing to schematics is completed.

  • Control and Automation
    • Direct digital cotrol (DDC)
    • Distributed control system (DCS)
    • Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA)
    • Electrical monitoring control system (EMSCS)
    • Building management system (BMS)
  • Low Voltage Switchgear (Protection, Distribution and Control)
    • Main, sub-main and final distribution boards
    • Capacitor banks
    • Automatic and manual transfer panels
    • Motor control centres
    • Genarator synchronising and load sharing system
    • Feeder fillars
    • Isolation units
  • Voltage Switchgear
    • SF6 gas insulated to 36kv
    • Vacuum insulated to 13.8 and 17.5kv
    • Ring main units (RMU's) to 13.8kv
    • Fused ring main units (FRMU's) to 24kv
    • Prefabricated substations (medium voltage switchgear)
  • Busway / Bus Riser
  • Aircraft Warning and Obstruction Lighting
    • Power monitoring
    • Low voltage home and domestic
    • Medium voltage
  • Green / Alternative Power Generation
  • Integrated Energy Solutions
  • Installation and Commissioning (through PPI Engineering MEP Services)
  • Other items available through PEM
    • UPS system Transformers
    • Generators (up to 1Mw)
    • Copper Cable including terminiation kits, joining kits, glands and lugs)
    • Customised metal enclosures